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ChildSharing offers online co-parenting classes for adults raising children between two homes due to family transitions such as divorce or separation and for those who are interested in learning better co-parenting and coping skills.
Technologies include: C#,.NET 4, MS SQL 2008, Win2008 Server


Projects include

Rapid Expansion Colorado State University Libraries
Web application designed for fast turn around of electronic materials via Interlibrary Loan departments. This expansion yields pod inclusion of consortia targeting 100+ individual libraries holdings.
Technologies include: C#,.NET,MS SQL 2000,Win2003 Server

e-Docs City of Fort Collins - Engineering
Public web application for user access into internal document manager system.
Technologies include: PHP,Perl MySql,Win2000 Server

ER Colorado State University - Electronic Reserve System
Online electronic reserve system replaces traditional reserve for students to access online material from any location and adhere to copyright laws.
Technologies include: Visual Basic 6.x, MS COM+,Perl,mySQL,Win2000 Server

webView Colorado State University
Desktop delivery of electronically requested documents for patrons through the interlibrary loan process.
Technologies include: Perl,mySQL,CGI,Win2000


Projects include

Rapid Colorado State University
System designed for fast turn around of material through Interlibrary loan department who participate as a consortium.
Technologies include: Perl,Java,mySQL,CGI,Red Hat Linux

illSFX Citation Linker
Technologies include: C#,.NET,Perl,Java, mySQL,Win2000 Server, Red Hat Linux


Provides the equine sports industry online web-based and offline software solutions for scheduling activities, registering participants and managing events.
Technologies include: Visual Basic 6.x, MS COM+,MS SQL,Win2000 Server



Servers / Workstations Marketing
Intranet web site development.
Technologies include: Cold Fusion 4.5, MS Access,Win2000 Server


NutriQuest / HealthQuest

Nationally distributed all natural Nutritional Health Database reference.
Technologies include: MS Access

1998 and before

time line archive

RAP Colorado State University
Rapid Application Processing (RAP) of damaged University library materials via electronic delivery of replacement pages.
Technologies include: Perl,mySQL,CGI,Red Hat Linux

webZAP Colorado State University
IBM AIX Unix based C++ application accessible to users via Internet via web browser. The application is used nationwide by numerous Institutions to serve as electronic request system for each location's patron base.
Technologies include: Java,Perl,C++,CGI,AIX Unix

PARC Project MMR/Bechtel Corporation, Venezuela
Field Engineer tracking database (Microsoft Access) instrument/electrical loops for item inventory and project progress status.

textZAP Colorado State University
The application created in 1992 extended to all educational units in Colorado through resource sharing initiative. Participating institutions had own customized interface for their patrons.

textZAP Colorado State University
IBM AIX Unix based C application accessible to users via telnet for Interlibrary Loan requests.

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