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UpLy - Pioneering Digital and Technological Solutions for Global Business Advancement

Joining the echelons of innovation, UpLy is an emerging leader in full-spectrum IT and business solution services. With a keen focus on digital transformation and bespoke software development, UpLy harnesses the collective strengths of open-source ecosystems and cloud technologies, including AWS, Azure, and Google platforms, to steer businesses into the new digital age with agility and precision.

Our expertise extends to comprehensive end-to-end integration, fortified network and system security, and sophisticated data management techniques that solidify the backbone of today’s data-driven businesses. UpLy's suite of services further includes next-generation procurement assistance, strategic IT outsourcing, and targeted staff augmentation, all tailored to enhance your operational efficiency and competitive edge.

At UpLy, our approach is grounded in meticulous consultation that bridges the gap between your current operational framework and the boundless potential of a technology-optimized enterprise. We embody the nimbleness of a small, diverse entity with the power to deliver cost-effective, scalable solutions, liberating you from the weight of unnecessary overheads.

Embrace UpLy's mission to streamline your processes, safeguard your information, and empower your endeavors. With our partnership, you're not just acquiring a service—you're equipping your business with a staunch ally that pledges unwavering support towards your enduring success.


Liberty Hosting - Championing Free Expression with Secure Azure Web Hosting

Liberty Hosting, a current initiative by ISTS Inc., promises more than just web hosting; it ensures a bastion for free speech in the digital space. Our service excels on the Azure Cloud platform, delivering robust and secure web hosting solutions that underpin the essence of freedom of expression as enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

We understand the internet's role as a modern-day public square, hence, Liberty Hosting's infrastructure is built to provide a sanctuary for ideas, debate, and innovation. Catering to bloggers, small enterprises, and large corporations alike, our commitment is unwavering: to supply a platform that is not only secure and reliable but also empowers voices across the globe.

Features of Liberty Hosting include uncompromising technical innovation, elite performance standards, and top-tier security measures to protect the content of our clients. Our mission is to create an online ecosystem that champions growth and advancement, facilitated by an environment of unbridled speech.

Embark on a journey of digital empowerment with Liberty Hosting. Join our community, where we don't just host websites—we're fostering a movement. With Liberty Hosting, your voice, your vision, and your online presence are secure and free.


ColdFusion Hosting - Streamlined Landing Page Creation on Azure

In an age where online presence is paramount, BMC Hosting empowers you with the tools to swiftly create, publish, and promote your landing pages. Our easy-to-use platform is the current embodiment of ISTS Inc.'s dedication to providing accessible web hosting solutions on the Azure platform.

With BMC Hosting, designing a landing page is as effortless as it is efficient. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to construct your site with ease, adding and customizing content blocks to fit your brand's unique vision. The transition from design to live site is seamless – a simple click, and your landing page is ready to face the world.

But our platform is designed to carry you beyond the creation. Sharing your newly crafted landing page across multiple channels like social media, email campaigns, and targeted advertisements becomes the catalyst for visibility and engagement. BMC Hosting ensures that your first impression on the web is one of impact, driving visitors toward your objectives and nurturing conversions.

Embrace a solution where ease meets innovation, and where your business's online journey begins with confidence. Take the helm with BMC Hosting, and let's set the stage for your digital success story. Start building today and elevate your enterprise to unparalleled digital acclaim.

ChildSharing - Progressive Co-Parenting Solutions Powered by Cutting-Edge Technology

From 2008 to 2012, ChildSharing stood out as a beacon of innovation in the sphere of online co-parenting education, thanks to ISTS Inc.'s technology-driven approach. Harnessing the synergy of C#, .NET Framework 4, MS SQL Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008, we crafted an unparalleled platform that provided essential resources for families navigating the complexities of parenting from separate homes.

ChildSharing was meticulously designed to offer a wide variety of interactive co-parenting classes, addressing the nuanced challenges faced by adults undergoing family transitions such as divorces or separations. Our curriculum was developed to assist parents in fostering positive communication, mutual respect, and effective collaboration for the well-being of their children.

Additionally, our platform extended its reach to individuals seeking to enhance their co-parenting skills, offering constructive techniques for conflict resolution and stress management. The robust technology infrastructure ensured a secure, seamless, and user-friendly experience, encouraging learning and growth in a supportive online environment.

ISTS Inc. was proud to facilitate this vital educational service, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to make a meaningful difference in the lives of parents and children.


Rapid Expansion Project at Colorado State University Libraries

In 2005, ISTS Inc. spearheaded an ambitious project aimed at revolutionizing the way Colorado State University Libraries managed its interlibrary loan operations. The 'Rapid Expansion Project' involved developing a cutting-edge web application that significantly decreased the turnaround time of electronic materials for library patrons.

By leveraging a combination of technologies, including C#, .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, and Windows Server 2003, we enabled a seamless integration of over 100+ individual library holdings into a unified system. This collaborative network not only enhanced the distribution of knowledge resources but also served as a testament to the power of digital transformation in educational spaces.

Our platform ensured that scholars and students gained quicker access to a broad spectrum of academic materials, thus accelerating research initiatives and fostering a more connected academic community. The project was a cornerstone in demonstrating ISTS Inc.'s ability to deliver complex, scalable solutions that cater to the evolving needs of dynamic learning environments.

e-Docs System - City of Fort Collins, Engineering Developed a public-facing web application enabling community members to engage with the City of Fort Collins' Engineering department through a streamlined internal document management system. The technology stack for this project comprised PHP, Perl, MySQL, and Win2000 Server.

Electronic Reserve System (ER) - Colorado State University Implemented an online electronic reserve system replacing the traditional reserve method, allowing students to access educational materials online from any location while maintaining adherence to copyright regulations. This venture was powered by Visual Basic 6.x, MS COM+, Perl, MySQL, and Win2000 Server.

webView - Colorado State University Facilitated a user-friendly desktop system to deliver electronically requested documents to library patrons as part of the Interlibrary Loan service. This system was built using Perl, MySQL, CGI, and Win2000, enhancing the experience for library users and streamlining document access.


Innovative Technology Projects by ISTS Inc. (2000-2003)


Rapid - Colorado State University

Project Description: Developed an advanced system designed to expedite the distribution of materials through the Interlibrary Loan department, effectively servicing multiple institutions joined in a consortium.
Technologies Utilized: Perl, Java, MySQL, CGI, Red Hat Linux.
illSFX Citation Linker

Project Description: Delivered a citation linking solution to enhance academic research, streamlining access to various scholarly works and resources.
Technologies Utilized: C#, .NET, Perl, Java, MySQL, Windows 2000 Server, Red Hat Linux.

Project Description: Provided a comprehensive suite of both online and offline software solutions tailored to the equine sports industry, facilitating event management, activity scheduling, and participant registration.
Technologies Utilized: Visual Basic 6.x, MS COM+, MS SQL, Windows 2000 Server.

HEWLETT-PACKARD - Servers & Workstations Marketing

Project Description: Crafted an intranet website dedicated to marketing HP's range of servers and workstations, streamlining internal marketing processes and information distribution.


Historical Technology Projects by ISTS Inc. (1992-1998 and before)

1998 and Before

Mobirise: Pioneered user-friendly web development solutions ideal for individuals without technical expertise, simplifying the web creation process.
Deployment Timeline Archive

RAP - Colorado State University

Project Description: Developed the Rapid Application Processing system to efficiently handle the electronic delivery of replacement pages for damaged library materials.
Technologies Utilized: Perl, MySQL, CGI, Red Hat Linux.

webZAP - Colorado State University

Project Description: Launched a robust IBM AIX Unix based C++ application, webZAP, which serves as a comprehensive electronic request system for various institutional libraries across the United States, assessable via web browsers.
Technologies Utilized: Java, Perl, C++, CGI, AIX Unix.

PARC Project MMR/Bechtel Corporation, Venezuela

Project Description: Conceived and implemented a Field Engineer tracking database to supervise and manage the inventory of instrument/electrical loops for project progress in Venezuela.
Technologies Utilized: Microsoft Access.

textZAP Extension - Colorado State University

Project Description: Expanded the textZAP application to include all educational units in Colorado, thereby enhancing resource sharing initiatives with institution-specific customized interfaces.
Outcome: Successfully linked multiple institutions, providing streamlined access to interlibrary loan requests for their community.

textZAP - Colorado State University

Project Description: Created a pioneering IBM AIX Unix based C application, textZAP, facilitating interlibrary loan requests through telnet, ushering in a new era of digital library services.
Outcome: This innovative application arguably laid the groundwork for modern interlibrary loan processing systems, serving as a template for successive refinements in the industry.


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